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Rochester Hills Tree Removal & Trimming Services Company in Michigan – MI 


Need Professional Tree Removal or Trimming Services Today?

“The crew of technicians you sent out to our home were all courteous, professional, and did a fantastic job trimming the trees. Everything looks great! I do wish I had contacted you much sooner so that we could enjoy the openness of the yards as much as the new owners will. – J. Mackerel

We are a nationally accredited, licensed, and insured arborist business that puts the “service” back in “quality customer service”!

We screen EVERY staff member so you can rest assured people of integrity, honesty, and character do consistent professional work.

Our golden rule of thumb is, “100% customer satisfaction of NOTHING at all!” Our technicians won’t leave the premises UNTIL the job is complete and you’re satisfied with the end results – guaranteed!

Dead Tree Removal Services

When a tree needs to be removed, our skilled technicians and arborist on site use complex technical rigging equipment to get the job done as fast and safe as possible. We also cater to emergency situations where storm damage can cause otherwise healthy trees to be a serious threat when it comes into contact with unusually violent winds, ice, rain, or snow.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services

When trees are trimmed and pruned professionally the right way, it not only prevents property damage, but bodily harm as well. Additionally, this service improves air flow while significantly reducing storm damage potentiality. Related services we offer include crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown elevation, crown clearing, crown reduction, and wound assessment.

We Are The Best The Most Affordable Arborist Company In Town! 

Are you interested in our arborist services for your home or business?

We got your bases covered!

Reach out to us TODAY by clicking the “REQUEST MY FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE” link below and fill out the quick form with your details on the next page to receive your FREE, NO-STRINGS ATTACHED ESTIMATE. One of our staff members will contact you within 12 – 24hrs to schedule a hassle-free in-home estimate!

Need Professional Tree Removal or Trimming Services Today?

“When that giant tree fell on my house after that giant storm the only people I can trust and count on to remove it were the crew at Rochester Tree Removal & Trimming” – R. Homug

Your home is one of your most costly investments over a lifetime. Routine care and maintenance is, therefore, essential. Give us one opportunity to prove to you how we can make you one of our many happy customers for life!

Other cities we proudly serve nearby include:

Auburn Hills, Troy, Pontiac, Sterling Heights, Birmingham, Clawson, Beverly Hills, Berkley, Royal Oak, Madison Heights, Fraser, Waterford, Mount Clemens, Southfield, Stony Creek, Rochester Hills, Yates, Goodison, Mount Vernon, Disco, Auburn Hills, Shelby, Troy, Auburn Heights, Washington, Utica, Oak Grove, Preston Corners, Novi, Rudds Mill, Clifton Mill, Big Beaver, MI